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What is "Bottle of Water"?
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During the lesson we will define your level, develop a learning strategy based on your needs, and teach your first English lesson!

Once you pay for the class, we will reach out to choose the best time for the class. The class will be 60 minutes long, held 1-1.
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study 1-1 or in pairs
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Product manager
I have been learning English with "The Bottle of water" for two years. There are two things for which I am grateful for these lessons. First of all, it is my confidence. I used to be shy when I spoke English. I remember how I avoided any "small talks". Today I can express myself fluently and I know that other people understand me.
What our students say ❤️
What is really important for me – during the first month we adapted the course to my needs and reality. So we don't speak about some useful issues but discuss really helpful topics for my job. Now this education has become easy and fun for me, so I plan to move forward with this school.
Really useful for my job
BoW is the best language school
Best school ever!
Project manager
Read the full review on Trustpilot
Read the full review on Trustpilot
Read the full review on Trustpilot
The whole experience was super comfortable and professional. The instructors were always well-prepared and knew how to explain the materials clearly. They also used a variety of interesting exercises and activities to keep the lessons engaging, which made me even more motivated to learn.
and many more honest reviews on Trustpilot
At BoW you can take private classes (1-1):
12 LESSONS in pair
16€ / LESSON
4 private lessons
30€ / LESSON
save 40€ and study 2 times a week!
or bring a friend and study in pairs.
Here are the prices per person:
8 private lessons
25€ / LESSON
12 private lessons
~20€ / LESSON
save 110€ and study 3 times a week!
save 112€ and study 3 times a week!
8 lessons in pair
20€ / LESSON
save 43€ and study 2 times a week!
4 lessons in pair
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